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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Zoho Writer Editor Can Be Maximized

Here’s a query we often get from our Zoho Writer users :

How do I increase/maximize the editing (working) area in Zoho Writer? (or) How do I make Zoho Writer behave like a desktop word processor?

You have quite a few ways to get more writing area.

  • The left/right margins are 10% each by default. Minimize them (you can easily drag them) to get more space
  • Click on the Maximize Editor icon writer-maximize-editor.jpg , found next to the Delete button at the top-left of the Zoho Writer toolbar. You will find the left panel that lists your documents give way to more editing area. You can click on the same icon (which is now Minimize Editor) to return to the default editor.
  • Click on Options -> View Buttons. You can uncheck some of the button groups that you don’t typically use. This depends on your word processing needs
  • Click on the F11 button (for both Firefox & IE). This will result in the tool & menu bars at the top / bottom disappear and the screen area getting larger
  • Use Mozilla Prism. Since each web application runs in its own window, Prism mimics a desktop-like experience. You can combine Prism with the above options to get more screen area

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