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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Model Your Campus - Results are Out

We are happy to announce the winners for the Google 2008 International Model Your Campus Competition! Congratulations to the talented students who took on such a challenging project. You can see their amazing models in Google Earth by turning on the 3D Buildings layer and navigating over to each campus, or you can see their individual collections in our 3D Warehouse. The winning schools are:

  • Johns Hopkins University (Student Technology Services & Digital Media Center; United States)

  • Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (China)

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Department of Engineering; United States)

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology (Department of Physical Facilities; United States)

  • Nicolas Copernicus University (Department of Biology and Earth Sciences; Poland)

  • Stockholm University and KTH (Department of Computer and Systems Sciences; Sweden)

  • Cardiff University (Department of Information Services; United Kingdom)

  • Bournemouth University (The Business School; United Kingdom)

  • Peking University (School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science; China)

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