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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Google Earth has Disney World in 3D

Here is s a 3 minute video giving a quick tour of just the 3D Disney World Magic Kingdom - now all visible in Google Earth (read more about Disney in GE and how to turn it on):

Disney World in 3D in Google Earth

I captured the video straight from the Google Earth 3D window using Fraps and used a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator to fly around and simulate a walking tour of the park. You get a sense of the incredible detail of the park - Disney's new additions are now one of the most densely packed 3D model collections now available in Google Earth. Unless you have a fast 3D game machine, you may notice the update rate will be a bit slow for this collection. My machine was a bit bogged down at times since it was also capturing the video.

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