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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Document Management Centralized with Zoho Projects

As a project management tool online, Zoho Projects is a nice solution for teams working collaboratively on projects.

A project typically will have a good many files associated with it and what better way than to have them all maintained & managed at a central place. In Zoho Projects, each project has a Documents tab which lists all documents/files uploaded by its project members.

Zoho Projects’ integration with Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet helps a lot too. You can open .doc, files in Zoho Writer and .xls files in Zoho Sheet directly. This eliminates the conventional way of working with Office documents - download them first to your desktop & then opening them using a desktop based software.

And here’s more. Once you open & edit such files in Zoho Writer or Zoho Sheet, you can save them back directly inside Zoho Projects’ Documents module! Add to this, the versioning support that the Documents module of Zoho Projects offers, you have a good, centralized document management system in your hands.

Try Zoho Projects now for your project and document management needs.

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