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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Zoho starts Tutoring

Looks like Zoho has started posting some useful tutorials and basic steps for their online apps arsenal.
this time they talk about Tasks in Zoho Project.
they say:
"Let’s see the possibilities that Zoho’s project management application offers when working with tasks.

  1. You define a task which forms part of a larger tasks list. And this task list can be Internal or External, can be associated with a Milestone or not
  2. You can choose to Send Mail Notification whenever a new task is created, gets assigned
  3. In the real world, most tasks are accomplished through team work. Zoho Projects allows you to associate a task to multiple team members
  4. Typical project management involves Start and End dates not just for Milestones reached but for individual tasks also. And you can do this with Zoho Projects
  5. You can set the priority of each task as High, Medium, Low or None
  6. A task’s progress can be monitored as you can edit a task and change the % Completed field status. And each task’s status is reflected in the Gantt chart view under Reports"

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