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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Zoho Show with another cool Slideshow embed tip

Here’s a little noticed feature in Zoho Show. You make a presentation public and embed it in a blog. Once the presentation is embedded, what if you made (want to make) changes to the original presentation? By default, it will reflect in the embedded presentation too. But this is not desirable in two cases
  • When you are adding or editing slides, the visitors to your blog/website will be seeing live the unfinished changes that you are making
  • When you want to have the original version linked to on the site while wanting to have the revised version private or shared only to a group
There is the Automatically re-publish when document is modified checkbox which does the trick. Leave it checked and you will always see the latest version in your blog/website. Uncheck it and you can do your edits safely without the external world knowing it.
Having the Automatically re-publish when document is modified option ticked makes the latest version available to the public always

Leaving the option unchecked, you can see that the last published version is 1.4 while the latest version is 1.6
The above is not just limited to embedding your presentation as it applies in general to making a presentation public! Hope you found the tip useful. Try this out in Zoho Show and do leave your comments on how you are using Zoho (Show).

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