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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zoho explains its Export/Backup Options

We get this question quite often -
Does Zoho offer a backup function which will let me download all my data?
We have various options depending on each Zoho service.
Zoho Writer : Offers a variety of different formats that you can export a document to - doc, docx, pdf, odf (odt), latex, sxw, html, rtf & txt. Click on Export to see the options.
Also integrates with Google Gears. Offers upto 50 documents to be downloaded to your desktop. You can access these documents from Click on Go Offline to download Google Gears and your Zoho Writer documents
Zoho Sheet : Click on Export. Again offers a wide variety of options from xls to pdf to ods to xml. There is also a batch export option available from the sidebar.
Zoho Show : Open a presentation. Click on Export and you will see the options available (ppt, pdf, pps and odp)
Zoho Projects : Export all your tasks as an xls or csv file. Under Tasks and Milestones, click on Export button
Zoho Creator : Export all your data as xls, pdf. Also as RSS, JSON feeds etc.
Zoho Wiki : You can download all the pages of your Wiki as a zip file. Available under Settings -> Click to download the backup
Zoho CRM : Choose the module (Leads, Contacts etc) and click on Export. You can also export all your CRM data in one go also. We charge a nominal fee of $10.
Zoho DB & Reports : Export your reports as csv, pdf or an image file
Zoho Invoice : Export each invoice, estimate as pdf. Export customer’s info as VCard (vcf).
Zoho Notebook : Has an ‘Export as mht’ option. The exported page can be viewed in Internet Explorer.
We will be coming up with more export options in upcoming updates.

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