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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Amazing Google Maps Mania Timeline

Google Maps Mania Time-Line

The Google LatLong team have celebrated the third birthday of the Google Maps API (released on June 29th, 2005) with an amazing time-line of Google Maps Mania posts as well as posts from the former Google Maps API Blog. A quick scan of the time-line suggests that all of the over 1500 posts that have appeared on Google Maps Mania are included on the time-line.

Clicking on a post in the time-line opens an information window on the map that includes a snippet from the original post on Google Maps Mania. At the end of the snippet is a 'more' link that takes you to the full post in a Google Calendar. This will give you a clue as to how the map has been created. If you want more details a post will apparently soon be appearing on the Google Geo Developers Blog explaining how to create a time-based map.

As a purely impartial observer I must say I really like this map. Happy third birthday to the Google Maps API!

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