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Friday, June 13, 2008

Single Web Page Publishing of Your Favorite Websites with Zoho Notebook

zoho notebook How do you share a bunch of websites with grandma? Normally, you would put all the links in an email message and send it across.

This is fine but imagine if your list of websites is long – that would require her to make way too many clicks and she will also end up opening several browser windows on the desktop.

So here’s a more elegant solution that uses Zoho Notebook – a very powerful note taking app on the lines of Microsoft OneNote. And you can easily login through your existing Yahoo! or Google Account credentials.

First, check this public page to get an idea about what the final solution would look like. And here are various steps involved:

add-web-pages Create a new book in Zoho Notebook and click "Add Web Page” from the toolbox in the left sidebar. Type the URL of a website (e.g.

Continue this process until you have added all your favorite web pages to that particular book.

These web pages will appear as vertical tabs in the right sidebar. You can double click the tabs to give them a more meaningful name (e.g. CNN). You can also change the order of website tabs by simply dragging them up or down.

When you are done, go to Publish –> Book. Copy the URL of the Zoho Notebook and email it to your gradma – she will love this. Here’s a finished presentation.


Zoho Notebook also offers annotation tools for web pages so can you highlight sections, add freehand drawings to web pages, etc before compiling them into a single web page. There’s more – the final book can be embedded in blogs as well via an iframe.

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