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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Share - Dont Attach says ZOHO

Here’s a question (with variations of it) we get from the first-timers of Zoho.

I have a document/spreadsheet/presentation that is to be emailed every time to a ‘prospect/client’ or to my ‘boss/peers/co-students/teacher for review’. In the former instance, “I don’t want the doc to stay in my prospect/client’s inbox (as documents soon become obsolete)”. And in the latter instance, “I and my boss/peers/co-students/teacher end up having multiple versions of the file, adding to my/their email clutter”. How can Zoho help me here?

Well, this is one of the fundamental problems solved by Zoho. Let’s say you have a .doc or .odt file. You have a few options in Zoho that would make things easier for you.

  • Import your document into Zoho Writer
    • Share it by giving the email addresses of your prospect/client, boss,peers, co-students or teacher. They will receive an email with a HTML link (URL) which they can click on to view the document. They can edit the document too, directly inside Zoho Writer if you have given them proper permission
    • Make the document public (if it doesn’t contain anything confidential) and give the URL to anyone who would like to view it.
  • Upload your document to Zoho Viewer. You get a URL which you email to everyone concerned & they can view it. Use the Zoho Viewer option judiciously - there’s an option where you can choose the URL to expire after a certain time period

Here’s a short screencast (our first attempt. bear with the video/audio quality please!) explaining the above options. For better clarity, view the video in Full Screen mode.


There are other advantages too.

  • No compatibility issues that come with using different types and versions of desktop software
  • You can keep updating your document and the latest version’s available for your prospect, client or whoever you want it to be viewed
  • Live collaboration is possible - you and your collaborators can work on a document or spreadsheet in real-time
  • And, you can chat too (using the embedded Zoho Chat)

Use Zoho. Say NO to email attachments.

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