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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Petrol Prices go High...

The price of petrol in India have already gone through the roof. Reason?

Global oil prices are at all-time high levels (about $130 per barrel) and the nation's public sector oil companies can no longer sustain the heavy subsidy on petroleum products.

So which are the nations where the price of petrol is highest and lowest in the world?
(Converted to Indian Rupees)
*1. Turkey: Rs 113.30 per litre*
*2. Norway (Oslo): Rs 112 per litre*
*3. United Kingdom: Rs 95.50 per litre*
*4. Hong Kong: Rs 84.10 per litre*
*5. Brazil (Sao Paolo): Rs 66 per litre*
*6. Canada: Rs 57 per litre*
*7. India: Rs 51 per litre*
*8. Pakistan: Rs 44.80 per litre*
*9. The United States: Rs 44.25 per litre*
*10. Russia (Moscow): Rs 42.275 per litre*
*11. China: Rs 31.30 per litre*
*12. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): Rs 25.40 per litre*
*13. United Arab Emirates: Rs 15.65 per litre*
*14. Saudi Arabia (Riyadh): Rs 5 per litre*
*15. Venezuela (Caracas): Rs 2.12 per litre*

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