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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Unannounced 3D Buildings in Google Earth June 2008 Update

Dallas, Texas in 3D in Google EarthThe 3D Buildings layer update on June 4th, which included the huge collection for Disney World in 3D, included many other 3D Buildings for cities around the world. Already mentioned were those in San Diego and Chicago. But, Google hasn't announced that there are some other significant 3D building model additions in other cities like:

  • Dallas - Many of the buildings in downtown Dallas, Texas area have been modeled

  • Sydney - A bunch of new notable skyscrapers in Sydney have been added, and the Sydney Opera House has returned (the 3D model had disappeared in Google Earth a couple of months ago). And Crocodile Man is back.

  • Tokyo - Many new 3D building models are scattered about this huge city in Japan.

  • Christchurch - In 2007 many of the buildings in Christchurch were added. Now there are even more and they've been converted to the loading format supported by GE 4.3.

There are hundreds of cities with at least a few 3D buildings in Google Earth. But, there are now dozens of cities with nearly complete 3D renderings of at least the major skyscrapers. I'm sure there were many more cities who had significant new 3D buildings added on June 4th. Feel free to drop a comment here if you know of any other substantial additions (more than a few scattered buildings). No comment at this time comparing Google's approach to the way Microsoft's Virtual Earth team is doing things (but, I plan to). But, right now I like to just look at both when I want to see a city in 3D - after all, they're both free to use and view!

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