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Saturday, June 21, 2008

It’s party time for Mozillians

Wondering what to do until we hear back from Guinness? How about taking a moment to celebrate all the hardwork that went into Download Day and the launch of Firefox 3. Check out Mozilla Party Central for a party near you or to host your own.

With the same enthusiasm that went into spreading the word about Download Day, the Firefox community has been planning parties with gusto! There are over 700 parties planned worldwide. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Catch a viewing of Kung Fu Panda with its director Michael Osborne in Palo Alto this Saturday.
  • Fancy that Firefox 3 robot? Come build one in Dolores Park in San Francisco on Sunday.
  • The MVGeeks are planning a huge party in the Maldives on June 26th (editor’s note: the Firefox will need appropriate tropical attire stat!)
  • Community members in Bucharest will be toasting Firefox 3 and the Mozilla 10-year anniversary!
  • Bob Chao of MozTW will be hosting a Firefox 3 party for the Taiwan community on July 19th!

This is just a sampling…and please be reassured that it’s not too late to plan one!

Thanks to OLPC for throwing a Firefox 3 party on launch day!

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