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Monday, June 09, 2008

Google's Russian Ad Conquest

Yakov at the Quintura blog reports of a Googe outdoor advertisement campaign in Russa. The tag line of the campaign – reportedly titled “Moscow 2.0” – is “Know more on”, and according to Yakov, it includes “information messages about the city of Moscow on 5.5 thousand ad places in Moscow, including on 24 billboards, 58 benches and 4.5 thousand stickers in the city underground.” As part of the campaign, Yakov writes, “users are invited to embed their own city images and videos onto a virtual map of Moscow on Google Maps.”

Google often relies on word of mouth rather than ad campaigns, but in Russia (where Google co-founder Sergey Brin was born) they struggled more than in some other markets, being less popular than local search engine Yandex. Yakov tells me that he doesn’t think Google’s ads will help much, though. “They will need TV ad campaign to break through, that’s what Yandex did several years ago and only then it became a national brand,” he says.

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