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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bouncing Google Earth Plugin Animation with Controls

It's been a few months since James Stafford has treated us with one of his innovative creations for Google Earth. But, the Google Earth API was too cool for him to resist. He has taken one of his old ideas of a bouncing Earth animation, and used the API to create something similar - but, with a very cool twist. Check out his new bouncing Earth in the plugin . The bouncing Earth animation speed can be controlled, and you can select one of several different kinds of camera views. My first two favorites are the "Look Up" and "Bounce cam (down)" views. These definitely gave me a laugh. But, the one that really grabbed my attention was the "Bounce cam (rotate)" view - definitely one to induce spatial disorientation (aka tossing your cookies)! As James points out, using the API it's now possible to create all kinds of animations using your own programming skills, SketchUp models, and the plugin. In fact, lots of folks were talking about "Second Life" kind of applications at Google I/O last week. Anyway, great idea James! Read his post for more details. Here's a screenshot:

Bouncing Earth animation

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