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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoho Show for your Remote Presentations

Using the web as platform allows for some very interesting possibilities. Like making a presentation to a world-wide audience sitting at your desk. Let’s see how you can use Zoho Show in doing such a remote presentation.

  • In your Zoho Show account, open the presentation that you need to present to your remote participants
  • Click on the Remote button
  • Give the ‘Email addresses of presentation attendees (Remote Users)’ in the pop-up dialog
  • You can set your own custom message for the email that is to be sent to the intended participants
  • Click Send button. The participants will receive your email with a link in it to click on
  • When you are ready to give the remote presentation, choose Start Remote from the Remote menu drop-down
  • The remote presentation gets started & your participants join in by clicking on the URL that got sent in your invite mail

You can chat with the participants in the chat window to the right. There are other options like Show Notes & Share this Desktop (other than the Zoho Show presentation, your whole desktop can be shared, which is done using Zoho Meeting, the web conferencing tool).

Try the Remote Sharing feature of Zoho Show & we will be glad hearing about it in the comments section below.

UPDATE : As always, Zoho fans are more thorough in explaining things than ourselves!

1. Amit Agarwal @ Digital Inspiration points to the advantages of Zoho Show’s remote feature - there’s no limit to the number of participants, you the presenter is always in full-control of the presentation & the participants need not have a Zoho account.

2. Richard Byrne notes that Zoho Show’s Remote feature “doesn’t require any software to be downloaded by you or your presentation attendees”.

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