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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soople - Advanced Google Search Simplified.

Do you think you know all the features provided by Google? Yes Or No ?? Well, what ever may be your answer, here is a good news for you all. An online tool named Soople provides all the advanced search features provided by Google in a much simpler interface, where you just need to select and go further with the search. This online tool is very easy to use and cleverly designed to get the most out of it.


Its main page is divided into 13 areas, being

  • A standard Google searchbox, with an additional feature allowing you to search by a specific country.
  • Search in multiple sites at once.
  • Filter Search by file type i.e. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint or even PDF.
  • Definitions - lets you find definitions of particular words (e.g. define: Marketing).
  • Search in a specific language, or sites from a particular country.
  • Search for sites that relate to a particular site.
  • Search for stocks.
  • Search within one site, or domain.
  • Specific image search.
  • Search in latest news (Google News).
  • Search by number ( Like UPS or Fedex tracking).
  • Search for movie reviews.
  • Look who’s linking to your site.

Second tab takes you to the powerful calculator which allows you to perform 10 different tasks. And the last tab allows you to translate a part of text or a complete web page.

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