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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack SP2 - Coming Soon

office-2007-sp2-documents Here’s a quick summary of upcoming changes in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 with regards to document formats:

1. With Office 2007 SP2, you will be able save documents to Adobe PDF format without requiring external plug-ins.

Microsoft Office 2007 will still not be able to read content from your PDF files so Adobe Reader is safe.

2. Like PDF, Office 2007 will also let you save documents in ODF format which is used by OpenOffice and is supported by almost every web office suite.

3. Unlike PDF, you will be able to open OpenOffice documents in Office 2007 for reading and editing.

4. Office 2007 customers will get an open to set OpenOffice as the default document format. That means when you hit Ctrl+S inside Microsoft Word, the first choice will be .odt.

5. The expected release date for Microsoft Office Service Pack 2 is 1H 2009.

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