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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zoho Writer Updates

Today’s Zoho Writer update introduces three key functionalities

  1. Import Documents from Google Docs to Zoho Writer
  2. Equation Editor
  3. LaTeX Export

1. Import Documents from Google Docs to Zoho Writer

After we accepted Google and Yahoo! sign-in to Zoho (and Google Apps accounts sign-in), we were asked to implement import capability to Zoho. We have added this feature in this update. And now you can import your Google Docs into Zoho Writer. Here are the steps :

  • Login to your Google Docs account & choose the documents that you need to export to Zoho
  • Click on More actions -> Save as HTML (zipped) to your desktop
  • In Zoho Writer, click on Import -> Import Google Docs, select the zipped file path and click Import
  • All the Google Docs documents in the zip file will be imported into your Zoho Writer account & will be displayed in the left panel

We certainly don’t want to trap your information in Zoho. We will soon provide a mass Export option to take your documents to other services.

2. Equation Editor
As you may know, a significant % of our users are students. We got a lot of requests from this user segment to build an Equation Editor into Zoho Writer. And Zoho Writer has it now.

You’ll see a new Equation Editor icon (last one in the second row of the toolbar) which brings up a simple UI to create your equations. If you are a LaTeX guru, type your equation away and we automatically generate an image of the equation on the right. If you are not a LaTeX expert (like me), you can simply select the equation symbols with your mouse and we automatically build the equation for you. Once done, the equation image is inserted into your document.

After you insert your equation, if you want to make any changes to it, right click on the image and select Edit Equation.

3. LaTeX Export
As you see in the above slide show, we support LaTeX, the document markup language widely used by mathematicians, scientists, engineers and scholars in academia. We have a new option in Zoho Writer under Export, to save such files involving equations in LaTeX format as well.

Try the new features in Zoho Writer now & we will be glad knowing your comments.

via Zoho Blogs

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